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App package name is case sensitive. Use the same full package name in the format of "com.Company.AppName" as in your app APK file.

To upload new app, no password is required here. When you upload/update your app, you can choose to have a password.

Yes, we submit your apps to Amazon Appstore! We automatically transmit and propagate your changes and updates to Amazon Appstore as well. We do this through our in-house proprietary publishing software. By submitting your app, you agree to our TERMS OF SUBMISSION SERVICE as explained on this webpage and documents it links to. New app incurs one-time payment of processing fee of $10 (one payment for both paid and free versions of app): payment options


Contact Group Manager
Manage group contacts. Send group e-mails, SMS and set group ringtones. Contact organization view.


View and control remote video camera. Perfect for Spying, Home Security Monitor & Surveillance.


Photo to Artistic Picture
Bring out your inner artist with the magic of our app! Turn digital photos into works of art.


My Calculator
This isn't just a calculator. It is a messenger hidden in plain sight!


Silent Spy Camera
Take pictures or videos with no preview, shutter sound, or flash. Media files hidden. Must-have for spying.

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On Amazon Appstore, our trade name is "Android Mart".

Developers, to make money selling your own apps, please upload your new app (form at the top) and make payment of one-time processing fee of $10 (one payment for both free and paid versions; payment options) for us to review and submit your app to various marketplaces. You can make free unlimited updates and changes through the same form. Your changes and updates will be propagated to various marketplaces within 24 hours. You have complete control over where you want to market your app to and how you present your app. If you like to use our AdMob or other mobile ad network accounts to receive your free app ad earnings, we can provide that as well.

Why Submit Your Apps Through Us?

* Accounting Transparancy, See Your Daily App Sales Stat!
* Flexible Payment Methods, PayPal, Direct Bank Account Deposit Available
* Timely Payment: Payout One Day After Market Operator Makes Payment
* Self-Service Web Interface to Upload, Update and Change Your Apps
* Updates and Changes are Propagated to Marketplaces Within 24 Hours
* Free Unlimited Updates and Changes of Your Apps at Anytime
* Submit Once, Publish Everywhere
* Small One-Time Total Processing Fee $10 for Paid and Free Versions of App
* No Monthly Fee, No Additional Charge, No Hidden Charge
* Low 9% Expense Ratio, No Payout Threshold, No Payout Reserve
* Intellectual Property Law Expertise
* Retail Merchandising, Marketing, and Promotion Expertise
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One of the challenges facing Android developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) today is the fragmentation of app distribution. With Android being an open platform, mobile device and OS manufacturers, wireless carriers and operators, or any participant of Android ecosystem can start an app marketplace and use whatever leverage they have to get distribution business. Consumers benefit greatly from the competition among app stores. They can shop for apps, and now they can choose venues too. Developers will have to deal with different marketplace rules, store policies, localities, market accessibilities, and many other hurdles.

We work hard to bring all developers to all app marketplaces. We strongly believe developers deserve a level playing field and consumers deserve the best products from whoever that can produce them. Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market still do not have distribution service for all countries in the world as of late 2010. It could be regulatory, tax, legal, or technical problems that stop them from providing marketplace access to all developers. With our presence on various worldwide app marketplaces, it is possible for us to bring as many developers access to as many countries as possible. As an example, China has a huge wireless user base that many developers do not know how to sell to. We can help those developers localize, submit and sell their apps on major Chinese Android marketplaces.

"Submit Once, Publish Everywhere!". With our proprietary publishing software, developer only needs to upload or update their apps once, and we will transmit the apps and changes to all those marketplaces automatically.

In addition to providing access, we offer marketing and promotion service. Through our extensive search engine marketing experience, we carefully pick the right keywords for your ad copy. We develop marketing strategy that works for your apps in a particular marketplace. We promote apps through Twitter, Facebook or their local social network equivalents. We advice on local consumer behavior, buying psychology and cultural nuance. The right marketing messages and presentations for each app marketplace can make a difference on your bottom line.

We safeguard your copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights in the marketplaces. We help you take proactive legal actions, like cease and desist letter and DMCA take down notice, against offenders to protect your interest. And we help you file DMCA counter-notice against meritless, intimidating, and frivolous claims.

More Android marketplaces/directories for paid and free apps are being added to the list. Please bookmark and share this page. It shows all major Android app marketplaces worldwide. By working with us, developers will get their apps submitted to these app marketplaces without having to deal with the multitude of marketplace rules and geocultural subtleties.

12 Major Android App Marketplaces:

Amazon Appstore Amazon is world largest online retailer. Apps listed on Amazon Appstore will enjoy all the merchandising features offered and fine-tuned by Amazon. Developers will be able to take advantage of 60+ million users already with payment information on Amazon. Sophisticated Amazon merchandising capability combined with one click check out process will make Amazon the choice of distribution venue for paid apps.

Google Android Market Google Checkout is the payment processor in this marketplace. Google is working with regulatory bodies around the world to provide access for more countries. Currently, not all countries can sell Android apps to this marketplace.

Verizon V CAST Apps It starts out as a tab in Android Market. It will go stand-alone. Marketplace operated by carrier will have billing advantage.

Motorola SHOP4APPS It is still being tested. The store is operated like a web site accessible through mobile browser, mobile client, or Motorola Media Link (MML). Free mobile client MotoAppstore can be used to download and install apps. MyLocker account stores purchased goods to be deployed to your handsets. MyLocker can be managed on desktop computer. I think it is organized like iTune.

China Mobile Mobile Market China Mobile is the largest wireless operator in China. It has close to half billion subscribers. China Mobile and other Chinese wireless operators have their own variant of Android operating system, OPhone OS or OMS (Open Mobile System), or Tapas. They run their own Android app marketplace for their subscribers. We can provide access to this marketplace and help you make money from the world's largest wireless user base.

China Unicom WoStore Originally it was called UniStore to be consistent with UPhone and UniPlus Android OS. China Unicom is the 2nd largest wireless operator in China.

China Telecom eStore Another major Chinese wireless operator runs eStore.

NTT DoCoMo App Store It runs like current i-mode data content providers. It will be an open platform where developers can build apps to be listed in the store. There will be an approval process to ensure content compliance. NTT DoCoMo mobile strategy is in response to SoftBank Mobile's exclusive distribution deal with Apple iPhone in Japan. It is not unlike Verizon vs AT&T here in US.

GetJar App Store Currently world 2nd largest app store. Second only to Apple App Store. It is an open platform that delivers apps for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian and more.

MOBANGO Free mobile applications, games, ringtones, videos and themes for your phone. Its distribution model is "Pay Per Distribution". They do not charge per number of downloads. Since the digital goods distributed through them are all "Free", I can see PPD is the most logical revenue model.

SlideME Apps are managed through SAM (SlideME Application Manager). SlideME provides applications to niche markets, based on geographic location, payment method or even types of applications that users can't find in traditional channels. We open up these markets to developers, who can deliver and sell their applications globally. a.k.a. Mobentoo

Handango App Store App store is operated by PocketGear. PocketGear is the world's largest cross platform, open app store and content marketplace with a catalog of more than 140,000 paid and free titles available for discovery and download.

It is worthwhile noting that Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, is starting an app store for web applications. The future of Google's Chrome OS will have an app store too. We are seeing the convergence of "mobile app" and "browser web app" and a grand transformation of "mobile & web world" taking over "desktop world"!

In the early Internet history, "applets" built with visionary James A. Gosling's invention Java, promise "Write once, run anywhere". With Dalvik VM on Android, and J2ME on other mobile devices, and the help of JavaScript and XML, browser can finally play the traditional desktop role. As recently as late 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was talking about a Mac App Store modeled after iOS App Store.

More Players in the Android App Marketplace Field. (wholesale) (Archos only)
Vodafone 360 Shop (Norway)
Galapagos (Sharp Content Marketplace) Mozilla Open Web App Store (Chinese) Camangi Market
Best Buy (TBA)
MiKandi (adult) (German)
PlayStation Android Phone (Games) (Chinese)
Adobe AIR InMarket (Chinese) (Chinese) (Chinese) (Chinese) (Chinese) (Chinese) S Market (Chinese) (family friendly) (Chinese) (Korean)

Please contact me if you like to add entries to our alternative Android marketplace list.

These stores provide alternative distribution channels and marketing venues developers can monetize their apps on. Some of them cater to a special market segment or age group. Some are niche players that curate a unique list of apps.

You submitting your app to us for consideration, and we accepting and submitting your app to Android marketplaces constitutes mutual acceptance of terms set forth in the following document. If you would like a signed written copy of this agreement, please print it, sign it, scan it and email the scanned image to to be countersigned.

Seller retains ownership of all intellectual property rights of apps. Seller and submitter rights and responsibilities are spelled out in this agreement. Developers and publichers as sellers retain all intellectual property rights of their apps.

Android App Submission Service Agreement

Service Fee. It depends on the volume of submission business and is negotiable. We have "Fixed Term" and "Flexible Term" service plan options. "Fixed Term" service plan normally goes for two years and has the lowest fee structure. On "Fixed Term" service plan, we keep 9% of gross revenue as expense. As of late 2010, Amazon Appstore expense ratio is 30%. Each new app also incurs $10 one-time total processing fee (one payment for both paid and free version).

Accounting Transparency. We pay out last month earning one day after we receive payment from market operator. All our customers have access to daily sales and accounting data. We understand developers are very interested in their sales activities in various marketplaces. We provide timely sales records and reports to our clients.

We accommodate varieties of payment methods accepted and preferred by our customers. PayPal, ACH or other forms of electronic direct fund transfer is available.

Other than selling your paid apps, you can integrate mobile advertising into your mobile apps, games, or content. There are quite a few players in this mobile advertising broker trade. Developers may publish free apps, teaser apps with limited functionality, or ad-supported apps, and integrate in-app upsale mechanism for paid, premium apps or in-game virtual goods. This revenue model is also known as "Freemium" model, a term coined by reknown venture capitalist Fred Wilson.

There are advertising networks that bring advertisers, publishers and Android developers to facilitate the sales of advertising space and clicks inventory. It normally requires that developer adds a few lines of network software codes for ads to be picked and displayed dynamically.

List of Mobile Advertising Networks

Google AdMob™ You can monetize your Android app through AdMob advertising. Please contact us to help you set up AdMob advertising for your free ad supported app. Here are documents on how to make your app AdMob ready.

Admob on Android Wiki

WOOBOO Largest mobile advertising network in China. Contact us on how to publish and monetize your app to Chinese users through this advertising network.

ADITIC The ADITIC brand is a product from Sofialys, the leading mobile advertising and marketing company. Our team has been working for over 6 years in the field of new technologies and advertising and we have leveraged this expertise to develop Aditic and make it an easy-to-use platform for all of our customers.

Admoda Admoda was launched in the summer of 2006 by MobVision. Since its formation in 2003, MobVision has gained an unrivaled wealth of experience in the mobile internet, mobile entertainment, and mobile advertising sector. This experience and expertise is embedded in Admoda.

Mojiva Mojiva is a young and dynamic startup company with a mission to help monetize all mobile content across the globe. All of Mojiva's products and solutions are built with simplicity in mind. We believe that the less time you spend managing, the more time you can spend selling. Mojiva is simple. Mobile. Advertising.

Crisp Wireless Crisp Wireless is a rich media mobile advertising company that offers a mobile ad platform, unique Adhesion fixed ad placement, and a full catalog of beyond-the-banner ad formats to enable premium brands to interact with consumers on mobile devices.

BuzzCity BuzzCity is a mobile media company offering brand owners and agencies access to a global advertising network on the mobile internet

How to build apps for China Mobile (OPhone)?

Just like device and other carriers specific Android variants, OPhone is implemented through "add-on" mechanism of Android platform. You can visit the following website to download OPhone SDK, which has everything you need to build, and test your apps and widgets. The SDK contains system image file for emulator, the emulator phone skin, OPhone API, documents, sample codes. It also comes with two Eclipse plugins, OPhone Development Tools(ODT) and Widget Development Tools(WDT) which you can install into your Eclipse environment. Once you have installed your OPhone SDK as a component to your Android SDK, you will be able to create Android Virtual Device(AVD) to test your apps.

A good programming practice is to build your app targeting lowest version platform API to maximize your app deployability. (OPhone Software Development Network)

E-Commerce EU VAT Collection Obligation

Council Directive 2002/38/EC
THRESHOLDS for distance selling B2C VAT Collection

There are plethora of resources on the web for Android software developers. Here are some tips and technical how-tos on application publishing and distribution.

Application Localization
Signing Your Applications
Versioning Your Applications
Licensing Your Applications
Platform Compatibility

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

App can be any marketable mobile content in APK format (a variant of JAR format), downloadable or hosted, interactive or static. It can be application, game, widget, music, ringtone, mp3/mp4/midi, images, jpeg/mpeg, wallpaper, eBook, text, story, joke, comics.

Intellectual Property Rights. When marketing Android apps, a lot of developers like to use well known trademarks as keywords to help users discover their newly released software. Using competitor's trademark can be risky. But there are certain techniques we can use without infringing copyright and trademark. The key is to use the marks in a manner that does not confuse the source of goods in the marketplace.

Google Android Market Availability. Developers from these countries can particularly benefit from our submission service. As per officially published list List of Countries That Can Sell Paid Apps, these countries could use our submission service: Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malaysia, Myanmar(Burma), Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Paraguay, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

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TO CHINESE ANDROID APP DEVELOPERS: 我们可以帮你代卖,销售和发布上载免费或收费 ANDROID(安致,安智)应用软件到应软商店 (ANDROID 智能手机电子市场,谷歌安卓官方市场,N多市场), 价格优惠! 每月初我们直接将利润打入你的银联账号。为了帮助国内 ANDROID 软件开发商抢占巨大的国外市场,我们以 GOOGLE CHECKOUT 代收款形式发布收费软件到欧洲,美国及全球 ANDROID MARKET。国内 ANDROID 软件开发商不再限制于中国移动MM,中国联通沃商店,中国电信天翼市场下载店。我们很快就要推出众多二级 ANDROID 市场同时发布服务项目。 我们可以帮你出售原创,山寨应用软件,处理版权,商标法律纠纷和千禧年数字版权法抗辩通知(DMCA Counter-Notice),维护你的知识产权。 免费软件可以以广告形式盈利。我们可以提供任何移动广告收入模式,比如象 ADMOB。免费软件也可以以后收费形式卖给国内市场。免费软件在软件内加锁,用户付款买钥匙。由于 GOOGLE 国内服务尚未与全球同步,后收费或广告是很多国内软件的主要收入模式。目前 ANDROID MARKET 付费软件开发者收款要银行帐号,ROUTING NUMBER,信用卡/借记卡,报税号码/安全号注册。离岸公司帐户和国际转帐成本/手续费高。外资银行,招商,汇丰(HSBC),花旗(CITI)美元信用卡,PAYPAL 也经常注册失败被拒 CHECKOUT MERCHANT ACCOUNT。 请与我们联系咨询如何同时发布免费和收费版本从而实现你的软件利润最大化!